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Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga

Random Sunsets is a random photo shoot that I went on with Linda Atsenga. Linda and my friend Kevin invited me for a walk, and I brought my camera with me. It was nearly sunset, and we were graced by the beautiful sunset sun shining. We took a slow walk past The Hippo Hangout and got the awesome opportunity to take some pictures along the way. Linda is a student and, in many ways, the perfect muse for a sunset photo shoot. Donning blonde hair, she greeted the sunset sun with so much grace and a go-getter attitude. We enjoyed taking photos and going for a walk. I even introduced some of my upcoming songs to her. My music is coming soon and will be part of David Mania Music under Mania Inc. Entertainment. Follow Linda on Instagram @lee_msassy. Here are some of the ‘Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga’ photos.


The sun is a marvel, and there is nothing as astonishing as a beautiful sunset for a photographer. The African sun is such a wonder of the world, and as the sun sets, it presents a perfect opportunity to get creative with photography. David Mania Photography is slowly growing, and as we partake in the art, we are learning more and more on how to become professional and skilled in photography. Photography can be somewhat complicated, and this is not watered down while undertaking video-making projects. I have been getting more into creating YouTube content for my YouTube channel, and the more I get into it, the more I learn about the complexities of photography and video making. Advancements in technology have meant that cameras have become powerful and sophisticated instruments of art, and the more one wields a camera, the more they learn. With a passion for photography, having the opportunity of getting better at your craft is just


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Learning Curve

The last few days have been quite challenging as I had lost some footage that I had deleted due to the videos being blurry. I spent a full day trying to recover some of that footage, and I am glad that I recovered some of it. Spending hours on end on the internet looking for tutorials and how-tos can be quite taxing, but I am glad I could recover the footage. Photography also entails post-production editing and correction, and this necessitates the use of sophisticated photo and video editing software. You cannot believe how complicated some of these softwares are and how powerful they can be when utilized skillfully. David Mania Photography has been nothing short of a journey of learning for me, and I am grateful that I get to learn new things as I pursue my passion for photography. Here are more photos.


The random sunsets photoshoot is one example of the beauty that comes out of following your own path and passion. Despite the randomness of the shoot, the pictures were breathtaking with the beautiful sunset and a backdrop of pink clouds owing to the shimmer of the setting sun. It is amazing what a beautiful world we live in. It is even more amazing to reside in Africa and have the savannah landscape setting for sunset photoshoots. Albeit the simplicity of the random sunsets shoot, it was a beautiful expression of nature and adventure. Being in the beautiful African landscape and enjoying the wind and the sunset is something that not even money can buy. It is such a pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to experience life through David Mania Photography

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David Mania Photography

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Linda did an amazing job as a model for the shoot. We took pictures randomly without a specifically intended aesthetic. We had fun winging it and letting the universe lead us to where it wanted us to go. The results are a breathtaking set of pictures that speak to the beauty of this planet and our continent Africa. Living this side of the continent, in Kenya, and just by the Nairobi National Park is such a joy as we have the beautiful ‘city and the wild’ vibe going. An ‘urban jungle’ I would say, ‘the city in the wild’ or ‘the wild in the city.’ Here are more photos from the Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga photoshoot.

Sun Shining

The random sunsets photoshoot was fantastic and inspires all of us to take a walk sometime and enjoy life. We should all enjoy the little things in life that we may otherwise take for granted. A sunset or the sun shining may seem normal occurrences but have so much to offer to those willing to explore and see. Take a walk, enjoy the breeze, and feel the sun illuminate light into the world. Do not let the world pass you by. Enjoy the little things in life and learn to live as if everything in life is a miracle. As the saying goes, there are two ways to live life. One as if nothing is a miracle and the other as if everything is. 

“There are two ways to live life. One as if nothing is a miracle. The other as if everything is.”

The Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga photoshoot was amazing. Here are more photos.

David Mania Photography

David Mania Photography is steadily growing, and our 1000 portraits project is still on course to achieve one thousand portraits. The photos we took on the random sunsets photoshoot entail some entries to the 1000 portraits project, and we are glad that Linda joined us to take part in the shoot. We look forward to working with more people and are always eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses. To participate in the ‘1000 Portraits Project’, reach us through our contact us page, and we will plan the logistics of going for a photoshoot and making some amazing art. Here are the Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga photoshoot entries to ‘The 1000 Portraits Project‘.

I made a video on Random Sunsets with Linda Atsenga, and you can watch it below. Watch more videos here. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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