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My Day with Eda Kiptui

I have made quite a few friends over the years, and one of them is Eda Kiptui. Eda is a student who studies hospitality management. We have been friends on Instagram for a while, and we planned a meet for a photo shoot at The Hippo Hangout. Eda did show up, and we had the grace of having such a beautiful day as our canvas for our photoshoot. The plan was to take photos of her and to teach her to take photos of me. Despite being both beginners, we both did quite a good job. Eda outdid herself and took some of the best pictures of me I have ever seen. The day was wonderful, bright, and with such a beautiful sun shining. Follow Eda on Instagram @kiptui_eda. Here is the beautiful Eda Kiptui.

Show Up

The Hippo Hangout was the perfect spot for an outdoor shoot, and it was just blissful to take a walk there. We had the opportunity to take photos along the way, on the different landscapes. The recent rains ensured that there were plush greens, making for beautiful backdrops. The sun gave us the opportunity and time to get creative, and the results are nothing short of brilliant. It is amazing to have such a good photo opportunity and actually have someone show up for a photoshoot. Unfortunately, many are the times you invite someone for a photo shoot, and they fail to show up. Even worse, some people do not show up but insist that they


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The Hippo Hangout

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The Hippo Hangout

It was a Thursday and, in many ways, a beautiful day to take a walk. I have recently discovered that content creation is a full-fledged job and that one should always ensure that they put in as much work as possible to ensure the desired results. You cannot just give a little effort and expect huge returns. It takes time, money, determination, and patience to pull off a content creation job. It may seem dauntless, but it is something that takes a lot from you in terms of the hard work, focus, and commitment needed to take time, ever so often, to create content. It also calls for creativity and thinking beyond the constraints of what is already out there. The Hippo Hangout was flooded due to the recent rains. Here is The Hippo Hangout flooded.


Originality is key and to be novel is to ensure that your content speaks to who you are. Your content should reflect your personality and what you intend to relay to your audience. Content creation should not be a duplication of what you think or perceive works in terms of what content is out there. If someone wanted an extra vlog on something that has already been done a lot, they would easily source the content from more experienced and seasoned content creators. Creating good content is very much a personal journey and goes beyond just taking part in activities such as travel. Content creation calls for investment in terms of time, money, and sourcing the knowledge and equipment to allow you to create content that surpasses what is already out there in the market. 

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Growth for content creators is a decade-long journey, and one should be willing and able to invest the time needed to grow and get themselves and their content where they want to be. Patience is key, and one should always ensure that they do not create notions of when things may actually work out and allow themselves more than enough time to grow. When you allow yourself to expect instant growth, content creation could weigh you down, and you may feel like giving up. My plea to you is to stay strong and keep at it. Your content may not be there yet, but you will only get there if you keep going. Always seek continual improvement and long-term growth instead of short-term successes. If you are really serious about content creation, then you will create a long-term mindset and allow your planning to span around extended periods of time. In my view, why create a stream when you can create an ocean in the long haul. My day with Eda Kiptui was amazing. Here are more photos.

David Mania Photography

Success can be many things to many people, but most people equate success to money. This is, in my view, unfortunate as real success is the success that goes beyond money. I agree that money is a huge part of motivation, but it should not be the sole motivator for anyone intending to create something of their own. I would, personally, be inclined to motivate myself using a positive impact as my metric for success. For me, success is measured by the extent and measure of the positive impact that you and your work have had on the world. Here are photos from David Mania Photography.

Having a positive impact is far more important than making some money. The positive impact will never be depleted as money would. I feel like if you want to make a million Kenya shillings, for instance, and you peg your motivation on that, then when you make the million, you will inevitably lose your motivation. What follows is a feeling of lacking accomplishment and feeling that you are already satisfied with what had been pushing you to create content. Therefore, money as the principal motivator is unsustainable, and seeking to impact positively would present a more sustainable and long-term goal or objective. Follow David Mania on Instagram for more.


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The 1000 Portraits Project

David Mania Photography is slowly growing, and the more photoshoots we do, the better. Photography is quite the art form, and the more I take out my camera, the better I get at photography. The ‘1000 Portraits Project‘ is still ongoing, and those interested in taking part are welcome to contact us. There are numerous other projects on the way. Please stay tuned for all the updates. Here are the new entries to the 1000 Portraits Project.

I made a video on My Day with Eda Kiptui, and you can watch it below. Watch more videos here. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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