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Beauty with Grace Wanjiku

‘Beauty with Grace Wanjiku’ is a photoshoot that I went to with Grace Wanjiku. The photoshoot was super amazing, and we created such great photos that we opted not to select some as the good ones were more than the not so good. Grace Wanjiku is a student at Murang’a University. She was such a beautiful muse and did such a good job in the photoshoot. Beauty is boolean, and for Grace Wanjiku, it is a definite yes. She is such a beautiful young lady, and the camera did justice to her beauty and appreciated it. We had scheduled the photoshoot through her makeup artist and stylist, Violet Ndinda. Follow Violet on Instagram @she_bhaveny. Grace is not on Instagram yet, but we hope she’ll join when she can. I am so blown away by Grace’s beauty. She is so breathtaking, elegant and well put together. The photoshoot was super amazing, and not even words can do justice to it. The pictures are just out of this world. I am amazed by the beautiful art we created. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Afternoon Sun

We went for the Beauty with Grace Wanjiku photoshoot late in the afternoon and were so lucky to have the setting sun allow us enough time to take pictures in various settings. The beautiful golden sun was amazing and allowed the camera to capture the essence of Grace Wanjiku’s beauty. Beauty is like a melody, and it flows with nature. Beauty allows life to be as beautiful as possible and allows all of us the perspective and intuitiveness to appreciate it. Beauty is like a flowing river under the shimmering sun, a song of nature, and the symphony of elegance.


The Beauty with Grace Wanjiku photoshoot was a beautiful expression of what art can be and how it allows artists to express themselves. I learned a huge deal while trying to capture Grace’s best angles and marveled at the outcome. Grace is such a beautiful young lady, and all her angles were perfect. She wore a beautiful striped jumpsuit and rocked some elegant heels. We started the photoshoot beside a wooden cabin with colorful doors. We then went a little further into our location and ventured into blossoming greens and breathtaking landscapes. Grace’s elegance and beauty brought out the attractiveness of our location and allowed me, the photographer, a chance to seize the moment and capture her beauty. Grace Wanjiku is astoundingly beautiful. Here are more pictures.

David Mania Photography

Beauty is such an elusive quality, and for myself and David Mania Photography, it is such an honor to be in the presence of beautiful people and do what I love. Photography is becoming a cherished passion for me, and I can only imagine what the future holds for David Mania Photography. Having the opportunity, time, and equipment to carry out such an amazing photoshoot is more than a blessing for me, and I am very grateful to have the chance to follow my dreams. Grace was also graceful enough to invite the camera and pose graciously. The muse is very much the focal point of any photography session, and the photos taken can only be as good and beautiful as the muse themselves. It is amazing to realize how precious and breathtaking the moment can be when one allows themselves the opportunity and time to have pictures of them taken. Pictures are a pause of time and solidify memories that will last forever. Photography allows us this privilege and treasure in a way that not many other art forms can. The elegance and grace of Grace Wanjiku are on another level. The vibes were amazing. See for yourself.

Passion and Growth

Beauty with Grace Wanjiku marked a milestone for David Mania Photography and was a clear indication of our growth and the culmination of passion and hard work. Beauty has no question and only offers answers. We are all beautiful, and it is such a blessing to see and live the beauty of life. When we indulge in the appreciation of life as we know it and its beauty, we marvel at the graciousness and elegance that marks our lives. It can be such a joy to live life when one does it through the eyes of the beholder. Partaking in seeing how beautiful we all are, allows us love, care, and affection. You can only imagine how distasteful the world would be without beauty or love. The beauty of life and living is unrivaled and unmatched. The beauty with Grace Wanjiku photoshoot is a testament to that. The equation of life is very dependent on the beauty we see, hear, know and feel. God has blessed us with such extensive beauty, and it is only right that we appreciate it and always give thanks to Him. We took over four hundred photos in the Beauty with Grace Wanjiku photo shoot, and, honestly, most of them were to die for. Here are more photos.


Beauty allows the world to be, in all its might and grandeur. Beauty allows our perception to transcend looks and features to see and feel something more. To see and feel the grace and the graciousness of life and an understanding that what God created is more precious than what we think of it. We live life out of the beauty of the world and the people in it. What beauty means to us as human beings is what allows us joy and appreciation. We love beauty and love out of beauty, and out of this love comes life and continuity. I dare say that beauty clears the path for love, and love breeds new life, culminating in how love and beauty can be fruitful. The most beautiful thing in the world is to have the ability to see, feel, hear and perceive beauty. Beauty compounds life and gives it the attractiveness that pushes all of us to wake up in the morning to live another


The 1000 Portraits Project

The ‘1000 Portraits Project’ is currently underway, and we are getting more and more entries into the project. The 100 portraits project seeks to document a thousand portraits of different people or portraits of more than one thousand people. To take part in this project, please contact us. Here are the Beauty with Grace Wanjiku entries to the 1000 Portraits Project.

I made a video on Beauty with Grace Wanjiku, and you can watch it below. Watch more videos here. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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