In all my almost 24 years of life, I have never known a love more true than a mother’s love. My mom or mama is my everything. She is my rock and the one person in the world who would cross an ocean for me. My mom has been with me in all of my battles and has always supported me. I am eternally grateful, and I can’t imagine what life would be like without my mom. In Gikuyu, an endearing name for your mom is ‘Mami,’ and my Mami is so deserving of such an honor. You don’t really realize how instrumental your mom has been to your success and how impactful she has been in your life until past your teenage years. Moms are superheroes, and nobody in this world will really love you like or as much as your mom does.

David Mania and his Mom
Me and my mom

The Marvel of Creation

I can’t remember the first day I saw my mom, but she has been the person I have known the longest. I knew her even before I was born and even before I saw her. That is amazing. We know our moms before birth and can tell if they are angry, happy, or sad. Such is the marvel of creation. Before I start bragging about my mom, let me acknowledge that she is also my brother’s and sister’s mom, so her awesomeness and love are for all of us, not just me. We are three kids in our family. I have a big brother who is married and now a father and a small sister in high school. I am the second born and what you would call a middle child. Just for bragging rights, I’ll recite something we used to learn in kindergarten and early primary: “the first is the last, the second is the best, and the third is a rotten potato.” My small sister is not a rotten potato; I am just playing. Here is my family. Happy Mother’s Day to my sister-in-law, Mama Neema!

Mama. David Mania's mom, his sister-in-law, and niece
Three generations. My mom, my sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law’s daughter
David Mania's mom, his sister, sister-in-law, and niece
My mom, sister, sister-in-law, and niece
David Mania, his mom, his brother, and his brother's wife and daughter
Me, my mom, and my brother and his wife and daughter
David Mania's sister, sister-in-law, and niece
My sister, sister-in-law, and niece


Life wasn’t always easy for us, especially after my dad passed on. There were times when things were really tough, but my mom always stood her ground. She is the strongest woman I know. She never showed weakness, and looking back, I now understand that her strength wasn’t an absence of turmoil but in-depth courage and love for her family. One of my best memories of my dad is just after my sister was born and I was 8 years old. He took me to a restaurant somewhere and told me that we had a new baby. That is one of my happiest memories of him. He was so proud and was like, “wait till you see the baby. She is as beautiful as your mom”.

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A Teacher

Growing up, you don’t really realize how much your mom loves you and how much she wants the best of you. The best example of this is when one is around 16 years old when they feel like their mom is too much on their case or always trying to correct them. However, the older you get, the more you realize that your mom wants the best for you, and that’s why she will sometimes push you to do and be better. My mom has always shared her wisdom and keenly tells us how to navigate life, behave, and live a peaceful life. That is super important as your mom is your first teacher and also, I would say, your most important teacher.

Mom’s Mami

My mom is a lot like her mom, my late grandma. My grandma was the nicest, most welcoming, and warm person I ever met. She was so caring and so hard working. I remember her always waking up early in the morning to cook us breakfast and always going to the farm, even in old age. She was such a driven woman and always so peaceful and peace-loving. My grandma had eight kids, and she managed to raise all of them right and educate them. She was so warm and loving and had the most adventurous stories.

My grandma told us stories of her encounters with buffaloes, the colonial times, and things that just happened over the course of her life. She was also so supportive and would always show up in times of tumult and offer her comfort and love. She was also a problem solver, and anyone in the family with an issue would seek her help to mediate and bring the conflicting parties to the table to find a solution. We all miss her so much. May her soul Rest in Eternal Peace. She was my mom’s best friend, and the two were inseparable, as my mom is with my sister. My mom is now also a grandma, and I an uncle.

A Gift

I cannot imagine the sacrifices a mother makes for her children and will never really know what it means to be a mom. All I know is that you cannot repay your mom for the things she has done for you. It is wrong even to insinuate that notion. What you can do is be a good mom or dad to your kids yourself. Moms are God’s gift to all of us, and this mother’s day, make sure you appreciate your mom and all other moms you know. The journey of parenthood is something that you discover when you get there, and even so, it is not easy. It’s by God’s Grace that we all live and have our parents and them their children. As such, the gift of having parents or becoming a parent is one that only God can give. A good way to appreciate your mom or a mom you know is to get her a gift. Get your mom a gift today from David Mania Shop or David Mania’s Shop on Redbubble.

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A Blessing

My mom has supported me so much. Even in my endeavors to get into blogging. My mom is the person I call to tell about web hosting, domains, and things like that. She knows so much about these things, and her support is so great that I know if she knew how to code, she would help me write code for my websites. She is amazing, and her support is something I treasure so much. One of my biggest aspirations in life is to become a father and support my children just as much, and honestly, I don’ think there is more. It is such a blessing to have someone who will support you and guide you on approaching life, business, and sharing the wisdom needed to succeed. My mom is my biggest blessing, and I hope to make her proud one day by becoming a big musician. I am definitely going to write a song appreciating moms in the future. Stay tuned.

God’s Love

My prayer is that God protects and blesses moms worldwide to draw support and strength from Him. A mother’s instinct is one of the best signs of God, and mother nature is the best expression of God, His Greatness, and love. God bless my mama. God bless all mamas in the world. Moms are irreplaceable, and I can’t imagine what a sad world it would be without moms. The gift of life is provided through moms, which shows God’s love for mothers and women. Our moms are our heroes. We love you. I definitely love my mom and my other moms. My friends’ moms are also my moms. I am so grateful that they created my friends. All moms are awesome beyond words. God bless my mama. She is my rock and my strength. God bless my family. God bless all moms. God bless all families around the world. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms around the world! Nothing is more priceless in this world than a mother’s love. Be a wonder mom to your kids, too, as your mom has been to you. I know mine is definitely a wonder mom and my superhero!

David Mania
David Mania
David Mania is an upcoming musician and blogger.

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