The story of my dad is a story of love, laughter, and family. My dad was the happiest person I knew and even in his passing, I know that my father was a happy person. We lost our dad almost 9 years ago now and life has never been the same without him. My father was a man who loved his family, his wife, and his three kids. He treasured his kin and relatives and loved his life. My father was in many ways me, my sister, my brother, and my mom. He was all of us.

A Friend

I cannot remember the first day I met my dad or ‘fafa’ but I remember him to be very close to me. He was my friend. A very good friend. I remember taking a trip on a train from Nairobi to Nanyuki with him. I was his boy and in many ways, I am still that boy he loved so much and I do love him and his memory. My dad was a loving father who loved his family thoroughly. I remember coming home one day and meeting my father in the seating room having bought this new huge TV and a video player. I was very happy when he told me he had bought me a bike. I cannot remember whether that was the same day but on the day he bought me a bike I was the happiest boy on the planet. My dad bought me my bike and it was my yellow happiness. I loved my bike so much that I really outgrew it.

My father was a friendly and welcoming person.


My dad loved God. He had come home with the bike and an electric glowing picture of Jesus Christ that was framed in a beautiful piece. My father loved his faith and was a faithful catholic. I remember us always going to church as a family when I was young and around when I was in kindergarten and early primary, always wanting to sit next to my father in church. He was my hero and to this day is a huge part of who I am and what I aspire to be. He is the kind of man I want to be. A man who loves his family, God, and society. My dad was also a teacher and had one of the best handwriting I ever saw. He wrote with such style that to this day, not even my brother has mastered my dad’s style of writing. My father loved instruction and departing and teaching others how to do something. I remember him building a wood clothing hanger for me to hang my clothes on in my room.

Dad. River.
My father loved God and nature. He was keen on ensuring that he instilled faith in us and a love of nature.


My dad was the happiest person I knew. He had moments where he could have possibly been unhappy but I never heard him complain. My dad was a very happy man. He had such heartfelt laughter and he would just light up the room. He had such style with conversation and was such a storyteller. He could tell you stories and have everyone laughing endlessly. He was a happy man. I remember him falling on my brother’s bike and how we both cracked with laughter. My dad was a big guy and he had taken my brother’s new bike and dared himself to go for a ride. He went past a corner and when I went to check on him, I found him with his legs up having fallen off the bike. We laughed so much that day. I also remember another day I had rushed home pressed asking for a tissue. He laughed at me so much that day and even days later was still laughing endlessly about it.

A Man of Integrity

My dad was a man of integrity and a protector. My dad brought this sense of security to our lives and I never one day felt insecure. Whatever I was facing or wherever I was I knew my dad was there and that gave me a sense of security. My dad did his work graciously and did not involve himself with underhanded tactics or ill-meant dealings. He had integrity and did what was right even if it meant going against the grain. My dad had his weaknesses but never one day did anything that was from a bad place in his heart. He was someone with a lot of love for others and society as a whole.

Dad. Flowers.
My dad was a man of integrity and did not take what was not his.

A Big Heart

My dad had a big heart. I remember my mom saying that he had such a big heart. She told me that he was someone with such a big and loving heart and I could see it. My dad would make you feel well-loved and had this warmth about him. I remember when we found out that I would be going to Kagumo. My dad was so happy and was so proud of me. I remember that he took me somewhere and told me about the wonderful school and its legacy of producing the leaders in this country. Kagumo was his dream for me and I am happy that it came to be.

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My dad was human. He may have had a lot going on and may have drawn stress or discomfort from his work. He, however, lived as best a life as he could. He was a responsible man who took care of his family and educated his children. It would not be proper to have demanded too much of him. That is not to say that he gave less, he gave as much as he could and lived a full life. Battling with his weaknesses may have gotten the better of him but he pushed on and never one day complained. He, unfortunately, succumbed to illness and we pray that the Lord Rest his Soul in Eternal Peace. We loved him very much and he was a light in our lives.

Dad. Tea Plantation.
This is where my father grew up; in the heart of Central Kenya.

A Blessing

My dad was such a blessing and even to this day we still pray and thank God for the time we had with him. He loved us very much and I am glad he even got to spend as much time as possible with his only daughter, my sister, who was the apple of his eye. The two were inseparable and I had never seen him happier than the day he told me that my mom had had a baby girl. He loved my sister so much and I am glad that the two of them got as much time with each other as possible. He would be so proud of her today.

Dad. Flower.
My father was a blessing to all of us and not a day goes by that we do not miss him.

Best Dad

I pray that I become even half the man that my father was and even better in some aspects. I, however, acknowledge that he was the best father anyone could ever ask for. He was a loving father who loved his family and wanted the best for his children. I know he would be very proud of all of us today. I also know that he is watching over us and preparing a place in heaven for each one of us. He achieved angel status and that is why God took him to live with Him in heaven. May his soul rest in everlasting peace. Amen. He was our father and will always be our father. We pray that we find peace and comfort in the knowledge that he loved us as much as we loved him if not more.


As I aspire to become a father one day, I pray to be like my father. A father who is there, who takes care of and loves his family. I pray to have a big heart as my father did and to overcome any weaknesses that may try to weigh me down. I pray for love, strength, courage, integrity, contentment, and happiness. I pray to have the integrity to do what is right and to stay away from what is wrong. I pray to believe in myself, those around me and to play my role in bettering society. I pray to be the man that was my father and an even better man if one can be.

Dad. River.
My dad will always be with us in our hearts and we pray to see him in heaven when we too, achieve angel status.
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