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David Mania Biography

Born David Maina in Nyeri, Kenya in 1997, David Mania is a musician, blogger, photographer, and vlogger. He enjoys making music, writing, and taking pictures and vlogs. He is also aliased Davie Mania or simply Davie. David Mania is now a musician and blogger who runs 11 blogs, vlogs on several YouTube channels, and is a photographer. David Mania Biography is a story of David Mania and his journey.

Passion for Music

David Mania developed a passion for music in primary school in Nyeri, Kenya where he joined the boys’ choir. This passion grew and he went on to join the boys’ choir in his high school, Kagumo High School in Nyeri, Kenya. The boys’ choir did phenomenally well and even reached the finals of the Kenya Music Festivals in 2014. David Mania was in his fourth and final year in high school in 2014 and was one of the 10 final year students to be allowed to participate in the music festivals.

Usually, final year students were restricted in terms of the trips they could take and extraneous extra-curricular activities they could take part in as they were awaiting their final year national exams, KCSE. David Mania, however, attended the finals of the 2014 Kenya Music Festivals with the Kagumo High School boys choir and did well. He performed very well in his final year national exams, scoring a grade of A-. He then went on to the Multimedia University of Kenya in 2015, where he studied Bachelor of Business Information Technology and graduated in 2019.


In June 2020, David Mania ventured into blogging, creating his first blog davidmania.com. His love for blogging led him to create a total of 11 blogs, that he runs. The four biggest blogs by David Mania include davidmania.com, a personal blog, maniainc.com, a lifestyle and culture blog, maniaincnews.com, a news blog, and maniaincsports.com, a sports and sports news blog. The rest of the blogs include maniagadgets.com, maniakicks.com, maniacoupons.com, maniadrip.com, maniaincevents.com, maniaincmotors.com, and maniaincgaming.com. David Mania enjoys writing and his numerous blogs express his passion for blogging and writing.

Professional Music

In September 2021, David Mania ventured into making music professionally, culminating in his first single titled ‘King’. King is a song about self-appreciation that is written and performed in local Kenyan lingo popularly known as ‘sheng’. Sheng is a local slang that borrows heavily from Swahili. The song ‘King’ is a Hip-Hop/Rap song and David Mania started off his musical career with a Hip-Hop jam even as he regards himself as a singer and rapper.

David Mania wrote King and writes all his music. He is keen to blend English, Sheng, and Swahili in his music. His music is also a mix of Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, and Love songs. David Mania Biography wouldn’t be complete without saying that David Mania is a young, hip, and very determined individual who gives his level best in everything he does. Follow David Mania on Instagram @daviemania, Facebook @maniainc, and Twitter @daviemaniaa. Support David Mania and his music by joining his community ‘Mania Familia’ on Patreon at patreon.com/davidmania.

David Mania
David Maniahttp://davidmania.com
David Mania is an upcoming musician and blogger.

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