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Mania Inc. is Now on www.maniainc.com

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Mania Inc. – Lifestyle and Culture Blog is now on www.maniainc.com. The move is part of an exciting development here at the Mania Inc. family. We are now available in four sites as follows. David Mania (www.davidmania.com) will be a portfolio and personal blog site, Mania Inc. (www.maniainc.com) will remain the Lifestyle and Culture blog we have known and loved, as will Mania News (www.maniaincnews.com), and Mania Sports (www.maniaincsports.com). The changes we have made are geared at ensuring the efficacy and consistency of the various sites and their domains. We continue to offer you nothing but the best and are very excited to welcome you to the new David Mania (www.davidmania.com), Mania Inc. (www.maniainc.com), Mania News (www.maniaincnews.com), and Mania Sports (www.maniaincsports.com) sites. Thank you. 

David Mania
David Maniahttp://davidmania.com
David Mania is an upcoming musician and blogger.

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