Show Up

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‘Show Up’ is about meeting your engagements and always showing up to your appointments. It is advisable to always keep your word in terms of the engagements and commitments you make to turn up somewhere. One should always be courteous and honest in ensuring that they are doing it with honesty and the actual intent to show up when they accept an invitation. It is not okay to make commitments and not show up. It is disrespectful, and the person or organization inviting you for a meeting will feel disrespected and may find you rude. Showing up is as important as it is to always be on time.


One should not make engagements when they know they won’t make it or do not want to attend. Always be honest and ensure that your keep your word as your word is your bond. I feel like if you want to get somewhere in your career, personal or professional life, always try your best to build a good repertoire with those you meet. It is always good to be a person that can be trusted and depended upon to meet their engagements and see through the commitments they make. If someone expects you to turn up and you don’t, then you not only miss out on the networking and probably discussion on business that you could have done, you also create a bad repertoire for yourself. Nobody wants to deal or work with dishonest people and make commitments or engagements that they do not show up to.


It is very rude to, for instance, as an artist or creative, be invited to a TV or radio show and fail to turn up or show up late. Always show up and do so in time so that you can be respected as an honest and dependable person. Showing up and being on time earns you respect and shows that you are respectful to others and mindful of their time. In today’s world, where everyone is busy and always engaged in a commitment somewhere, appointments should be honored. One should always seek to learn more, connect, and network by ensuring that they attend and show up to their appointments. Some individuals and organizations will cancel an appointment if the individual is late for just 5 or 10 minutes. You should not, in any way, waste other people’s time or be the person who always has an excuse as to why they cannot show up or why they showed up

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Missed Opportunity

When someone has invited you for a collaboration, for instance, they are seeking to work with you and are giving you a chance to work with them. It is, therefore, disrespectful and unprofessional not to show up. The person inviting you may feel that they do not want to work with you, which may be a missed opportunity for career growth. Being dependable ensures that you build a good reputation and that more and more people and businesses will want to work with you. Possible collaborators will feel excited and honored to work with someone that they know shows up to their appointments, and is always on time. Even if you are going for a doctor’s appointment, please ensure that you show up and get there half an hour earlier to ensure that you do not waste the doctor’s time and possibly block others from receiving care. If you are the kind of person who does not turn up, then you will be the one to lose and in the case of a doctor’s appointment, this could exacerbate an illness and even lead to negative health outcomes.


We should all be careful not to develop a culture of truancy or being dishonest. I personally dislike liars and I feel like if you are dishonest with me, then I won’t have time for you. I am very apt to deleting people’s numbers because I don’t believe in lies or dishonesty. If you say that you will show up, please do. If you are the person that just says that you will turn up just to please others, then I am sorry but for me, I won’t have time to deal with such rudeness. I am sorry for being forward but your number won’t spend another day on my phone. If you stood me up then you will have to find me, without luck, to even get a chance to explain yourself. Treat others’ time as important and as you would like them to treat your own. A lack of work ethic and being dishonest is not excusable. Try and build a good foundation for your relationships by always ensuring that you speak the truth, agree to what you are comfortable with, and then hold up your end of the agreement.

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Respect is key and you should always respect others and, that way, you can earn others’ respect. I don’t know why someone would expect respect if they are insensitive to other people’s invitations or time. Even when it comes to casual or personal engagements always be courteous and respectful. I do not expect you to keep someone waiting for you in a restaurant for even 10 minutes. It is disrespectful and unkind as someone has taken time out of their day to see you, spend time with you, and listen to what you have to say. Even worse is showing up late and being on your phone the whole time. In my view, if you are in love with your phone so much, then plan for a meet with it and take it out for coffee. Unfortunately, we are losing the connectivity we had to each other as human beings, and are more caught in this maze of technology and always being on social media and whatnot.


We should not take things as simplistic or just normal. It means a lot for someone to invite you for a coffee or to want to spend time with you. There are over 8 billion people in the world and someone chooses you for a coffee date. Isn’t that just wonderful and amazing? How special can you be that you would snub someone who has chosen to spend thousands of seconds with you talking to you and listening to you? The miscommunication that we exacerbate and the insensitivity to meetings and engagements are what are leading many relationships to crumble.

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Nobody wants to make time anymore, and as a result, we are all losing touch. We spend hours on end looking at our phones while letting the world pass us by as if life is not too short. Life is too short to always be on social media or chat. Real pleasure is going out there and meeting real people, feeling the wind, getting some fresh air, and making memories with real people. I do not think that anyone in their sunset years will remember what they saw on social media or what memes made them laugh while they were missing out on making some memories. Your life is out there, waiting for you. So much for keeping it private.

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Interpersonal Communication

Opportunity knocks on the door once but never knocks it down. No company will make a reschedule of an interview you fail to attend. No doctor will wait for a patient for more than thirty minutes while other patients are waiting in line in need of care. No man or woman will spend an hour in a restaurant seated next to you while you check your social media notifications and reply to a flurry of online messages. If you are going on a date, switch off your phone at the entrance of the restaurant and put it away. I must say, it is quite the turn-off to have a visitor or date who is always laughing at their phone. It can be very annoying and I feel like we are more and more passive listeners and are really not actively spending time with those we love or those that love us.

A lot of the mental health problems that people are experiencing today are stemming from too much disconnection from the world and not spending time with actual people. We are losing our communication skills by only learning how to communicate through technology. Unfortunately, even parents are unable to tell, without being told, that their children are going through depression or facing tough times, be it in school or at home. What happened to non-verbal communication, opening up, being honest, and trusting one another through interpersonal communication? Can’t we all keep our phones away or switched off during our engagements? Is it really that difficult a thing to do?

Social Media Addiction

The world will be a better place when we are not all obsessed with our phones and the noises they make. I find that I even imagine hearing my phone make a sound even when it is not. Isn’t it too bad that we are so eager to be and akin to our phones that we even imagine or hallucinate about hearing them? Social media addiction and being addicted to one’s phone is a real thing, and unfortunately, one can even get depressed if they feel that they are failing on social media. Depression may even come about due to having little to no human-to-human contact and engagement over time.

Your phone won’t miss you when you’re gone. Social media won’t even notice. It is the people in your life that will miss you because they love you. Love them too by actually showing up, being attentive, looking them in the eye, and listening. True love is there, in good and bad times. True love turns up and is always eager to share the precious moments of life, making memories and enjoying the company of people, not technology. Show up, be on time and stay away from technology while in an engagement. Nothing is more blissful in this world than having a 12-hour conversation without the interruption of phones, tablets, laptops, and whatnot. The world is losing billions of hours due to technology, do not help it lose more. 

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