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Retouching My Locs

Retouching My Locs is part of the out-of-this-world journey of donning dreadlocks or ‘locs.’ I love my locs. I love them so much that I would feel lost without them. For me, dreadlocks are more a philosophical hairstyle than just wanting to look good. Dreadlocks are me, and I am dreadlocks. I see myself in my dreadlocks on my wedding day and even on my deathbed. That may sound like a stretch, but that is how much I love my locs. I started this journey over four years ago, and I cannot say it has been easy. On donning my dreadlocks for the first time, I got so much opposition from my family and even from people who knew me. The pressure was so bad that I shaved them for a while. I, however, took a stand and could not bear not having my beloved hair. I reattached my locs after three months when my shaved head had grown back enough hair, and I have not looked back since.


Retouching my locs is a love letter to my dreadlocks and what they mean to me. My dreadlocks are a commitment and require dedication, patience, tending, and caring for them. They are also a philosophical statement pledging my belief in peace, love, positive vibes, and unity. I love being a Rasta, as some would call it, even as I am not a Rastafarian. I am just an average boy who loves having nappy hair. My dreadlocks are always with me, and they always present me as I am in my heart, mind, body, and soul. They are a mirror of my soul and a reflection of who I am. I know there are negative perceptions about dreadlocks, and honestly, I do not bother myself with any negativity anyone would try to express about my hair. It is my hair, my personal style, and my responsibility. As such, it shouldn’t bother anyone, and even if someone disliked it, then I would expect to hear none of it. I live my life as per my own standpoints and with peace, love, positive vibes, and unity with


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I retouch my locs every month or every other month, depending on when I feel I have the time and money to do so. I love to retouch my locs when I feel ready to and after I have let the hair grow enough for there to be a perceivable difference after every retouch. A retouch to me is an opportunity to pamper myself and enjoy who I am. It is not easy to grow hair, but I do not let that bother me. I push on and strive to do my best to keep it as clean, fresh, and good-looking as possible. I love my locs so much that I have an appreciation for those also donning dreadlocks. A lady donning locs is the icing on the cake, if you catch my drift. I love dreadlocks, and it is such a breathtaking experience to look in the mirror and see the beautiful or, as some would say handsome hair. It is so refreshing to get rained on while having dreadlocks, and the hair feels so good, especially when the scalp catches some of the cold rainwater. Some of these joys only a few will ever experience, and I am so blessed to be one of them. Retouching my locs is definitely an integral part of my self-pampering. Here are some pictures of my beautiful dreadlocks.


My dreadlocks are more of a reflection of my personality than an attitude. I do not see myself as better than others, and I always respect everyone regardless of their personal style. Me having locs should not be an excuse to look down on or disrespect others. I respect people of all styles as much as I would hope to be respected with my dreadlocks. I love my life, and I love my locs. I wake up every day with a smile on my face when I remember I have such beautiful dreadlocks. Getting them to where they are today has been an arduous task, but I am so grateful I have persevered. Life is so sweet when you find a style you love and one you feel speaks to who you are. Being a dreadhead is a dream come true for me, and I am so grateful to be who I am and to have my personality. I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else, and I cherish the fact that nobody else can be like me. I love who I am, and I love that part of that is having my locks with me every step of the way. Follow me on Instagram @daviemania for more on my dreadlocks journey.


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Video Making

I went to retouch my locs a few days back, and I took my camera with me to get some footage of the dreadlocks’ retouching process. My salon was very kind and allowed me to film the retouch. Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that the footage was blurry and deleted it. After giving it some thought, I regretted deleting the footage and spent a full day trying to recover the deleted files from my memory card. Luckily, I recovered some of the footage and, despite it being a little blurry, created a YouTube video explaining and showing the retouching process for dreadlocks. My feat with recovering the footage has taught me so much on the importance of not rushing to do away with something, and I believe I am also better at creating videos out of the experience. You can find all my Youtube videos on our videos page. I do my best to bring you as much high-quality and intriguing content as possible, and I believe it is only the beginning. I am learning so much about video production, and I am getting better at it every day. Thank you for your support and stay ‘loc’d’ to our blogs and YouTube channels for more intriguing content. Here are more pictures of my dreadlocks.

I made a video on Retouching My Locs, and you can watch it below. Watch more videos here. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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