The process of becoming is a very hard but rewarding process. It is also a gradual process. If someone told me before I started blogging to become a blogger knowing what I know today, there would have been a legitimate argument against it. But I became and today I enjoy creating content, albeit with a level of difficulty. My journey has more meaning out of the struggles here and there and what it takes for me to bring you another blog post or video or whatever media it is that I use to communicate. I love my job. I love my blogging and content creation and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. There is so much power in words. There is so much power in something that you create that could potentially outlive you and compound your place in the world and your view of it. You can find all the links to the entirety of my content here.

A Tough Process

Becoming for me has been a tough, tough process. My goodness. It’s one of those journeys that you have no idea what it takes when you are getting into. Every day I learn something new. I argue sometimes that I have learned more in the last year than I learned in the four before it. It is so complicated and there are so many ways to do one thing. It’s like becoming a mechanic and realizing that this car part fits so many other cars and that you can even build your own car from the ground up using parts from another car or other cars. Becoming is as such, it is fluid and non-rigid. I ask myself all the time what it takes to become a musician. I wonder what I’ll need to do and who I’ll need to be to present my art and my music in the most engaging way. Will that entail huge extravagant shows, or would a simple vlog or TikTok video connect with you enough?

Blessings in the Pain

I heard somewhere that “Kuna blessings kwa pain” meaning that there are blessings in the pain and Lord knows I have seen that this is true. Every single day I discover a new edge that I have. I discover a new talent, a new capability, a new strength, and a new point of view. I evolve. I learn new things and become better at what I do. It doesn’t mean that I won’t face challenges or struggle even more to get to my destination, one that I would argue is more of a journey even. I discover myself in all the mess of molding myself to become who I want to be. I discover my passions, my weaknesses, things I should and can do better, and better ways to deliver my content to my audience that I love. Here are some pictures from the ‘Becoming’ Photoshoot.

You can then imagine how pissed I was seeing a meme that says “Hakuna trophy ya kuteseka” or there is no trophy for suffering. This ties to the idea of a ‘fallen world’. That to have the gift of a baby, the woman has to go through the pain of birth. Looking at it this way, then it makes sense to suffer for what you love because, in the end, you will get your blessings. Pain, consequently, is the only way to get your blessings. What a world this is. Some kinds of pain cannot be put into words, like the pain of losing a baby.

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Idyllic Lifestyles and Consumerism

We live in a world where so much luxury and idyllic lifestyles are sold to us. Just hop onto Instagram and you will just need to go to the explore page or on your reels, and not even have to scroll to see this beautiful car, that beautiful mansion, or beautiful people on a trip somewhere, etc. We are sold consumerism and the idea that all of us will succeed and will become stupendously rich. As much as it irks me to admit, that is not the truth. A good number of people will fall behind. Anyone, including myself, is not guaranteed success. We just live by the mercy of God and all we can do is work hard and smart, and hope that we get where we are going. That is why I am adamant that manifesting is a scam. Follow me on Twitter @daviemaniaa for more of my tweets.

In my view, you cannot just manifest success and a good life for yourself without putting in the work. It’s like buying a chicken, putting it in a room, and hoping to find eggs the next morning. It’s pure insane. Rather than manifest, I am of the view that you should attract good energy after working hard enough to deserve or in a way, be good enough for what you want.

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Energy is everything. It must be. Especially in my line of work. Energy is everything. There is nothing that speaks to who I am more than someone who is reverberating to my content. When someone calls me and says that they loved this video or that blog post, I feed off that energy. It keeps me going. It’s fuel for my soul. It motivates me to break all barriers and do everything I can to provide as much and as high-quality content as possible. Here are more pictures.

Those who know, know, and I can attest that the people I vibe with the most are those whose energy is right. It is kind of like a gift for me. I can spend just ten-twenty minutes in the same room with someone and tell you whether their energy is right or whether they are ‘woke’ enough to have a really weighty conversation with. I mean, have you ever met someone and discussed the entirety of life in just thirty minutes. Have you ever met someone and gone so deep into philosophy that you come back full circle? Then if you have you probably know that energy is everything. The earth gives us energy and it is so precious and we only have one earth, Earth Uno. That is why it is important that we reject consumerism and mitigate climate change.

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The way I like to see energy is by likening it to the solar system. The sun is all-powerful and provides the most energy or the most light. The moon feeds off of that and gets as much good vibes or energy as it can to those not getting the sun. The planets all position themselves in relation to the two according to their own factors, some of which they have no control over. Despite its enormity, the solar system is aware that it is not alone as does our galaxy, the Milky Way. Whoever named it just had to love milk.

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The solar system respects that there are solar systems and galaxies and do not interfere when those galaxies send vibes or objects their way. They vibe with each other, they vibe with themselves and with other solar systems and galaxies. That, to me, is what makes them whole. I have never heard anyone say that our solar system or galaxy is not enough. They are whole because their energy is right. The same goes for people.

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Taking a Chance

I sometimes feel so bad that out of the randomness of life I could have ended up doing something entirely different and not discovered blogging or content creation or even music. I feel so lucky to have been led here by my energy. I feel so grateful to have discovered this. To have known myself enough to know that I will enjoy blogging, making music, and even vlogging. I feel humbled that there are people out there that read my content, vibe with it, and support me. Ps: You can support us through Patreon. I am elated and humbled. God bless. I love you. Here are more pictures.

The journey isn’t easy and nobody ever said anything in life would be. We just expect and hope that things will be but I have learned that it is better to be prepared for them not being easy. Philosophically speaking, maybe the worst thing happening is not so bad. For example, those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, like I almost think I am, are treated through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. One effective method that CBT employs is to have an OCD patient learn to tolerate things like dirt or not washing their hands or whatever it is that triggers them to repeatedly try and clean up. In that sense, when the worst happens and they get their hands dirty or tolerate the dirt, be it on their hands or wherever, they learn to overcome the OCD. In the same way, maybe the worst happening is not that bad. As with everything, life is all about taking a chance.

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Things Fall Apart

I read a book called ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe and to me what I took from the book is the fact that nothing is guaranteed and despite everything, one day it can all be taken away. Think of how precious life is. Think of all the stories we hear and read about on the news about people who have lost their lives, loved ones, or livelihoods. Nothing is given. That is the only fundamental truth of life. Nothing is guaranteed. That motivates me to work even harder. To get my content out there. Follow me on Instagram @daviemania for amazing photos and stories.


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It motivates me to vibe with people who are on the same wavelength. To protect my energy. To love myself. To love my life. To be whole. You can only achieve that when you learn that only you will fight for you like your life depends on it. Honestly, because it does. If you don’t then you may as well suffer what I call ‘the pain of silence‘.

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The Pain of Silence

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Only you will love you as hard as you would like to be loved. Only you will have your own back as much as you would like. Only you have control over your happiness and your destiny. Nobody else will get you like you get yourself. Nobody will see your dream as clearly. Nobody will feel the pain of becoming as deeply. Nobody. Only you. It is only you that can also fight your anxieties. As such, get out there and be the best version of yourself. Fight for what you want and I’d say be willing to die trying if that is how much it will take to get what you want. Be a lion. Be brave. Roar and let the earth shake. After all, we all need to shake it sometime. No wonder McDonald’s is out of milkshakes in the U.K. We shake it and as lovers of milk, deplete McDonald’s’ milkshakes. Inspiring.

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The 1000 Portraits Project

The ‘1000 Portraits Project’ is still ongoing. It is a David Mania Photography project where I seek to take 1000 portraits or portraits of 1000 people. The project is open and you can join by contacting us and arranging a photoshoot with me where I can take your portraits or you take mine. Feel free to reach out. It is an amazing project and God willing, we will present it in a gallery somewhere in the not too distant future. Here are my entries for the 1000 Portraits project for the ‘Becoming’ photoshoot.

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