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David Mania aka @daviemania

David Mania is an Upcoming Musician and blogger. He is a lover of life and music. He enjoys writing and is very excited to share his journey with you. Please enjoy. Thanks.

David Mania



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My Dreams of School

I am a dreamer, no doubt, but my dreams of school are the most interesting by far. My dreams of school, especially secondary school, are both scary but also relieving when I wake up and realize I cleared school. I went to high school at Kagumo High School in Nyeri, Kenya and it was a […]


Devilishly Handsome

I don’t mean to blow my horn but I know that I look good and it is funny that sometimes others don’t know how to handle it. For the guys, it’s almost shocking how this guy looks and some will even feel a little weird for acknowledging it. For the girls, they will either fall […]


A Letter to Myself

Hello, my boy. How are you doing? I always ask you if you are happy because to me, your happiness is my first priority. I could have been anyone in this world, I could have been extremely rich or very poor, I could have been good or bad? Handsome or not handsome? I could have […]


Intended Bliss with Phenny Yengo

The ‘Intended Bliss with Phenny Yengo’ photoshoot is a David Mania Photography photoshoot I went on with Phenny Yengo, my longtime friend. Phenny and I met in school and we have been friends ever since. We linked up on a beautiful sunny day and decided to go for a photoshoot to try and create some […]


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